Two dogs, on their group dog walk, waiting for treats.
A solo dog walk in our local woodlands.
A dog walk at our local woods.

All our dog walks are in local parks and woodlands. We always make sure your dogs have a great time, socialising on our group walks, playing, or using that fab nose to sniff out all those lovely smells!

Your dogs are picked up and dropped off (paws and belly wiped and cleaned!) from your home. All dogs also receive a 'I'm on a dog walk' collar tag for safety.

Dogs are only let offlead with permission from you, we keep all new dogs on lead (or on a long line) for the first couple of walks to make sure we have a relationship before being allowed offlead.

Group walks

Group walks are ideal for our most social dogs! Group dogs are picked up from their home and driven to our walk, where we have a good hour of walking for your dogs to explore and have fun! We keep our groups small (maximum of 5 dogs) to ensure that each dog is safe, and gets the individual care and attention they deserve.

Introductions are always taken slowly when a new dog joins a group walk

Solo walks

Solo walks are great for those dogs who need more individual attention, or perhaps don't mix as well with other dogs (we can't all be social butterflies!). Solo walks are typically half an hour long and your dog is picked up from their home and walked in an area close to home.

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